Future-Proof Your Property Investment

Want to get the most out of your property? Buying and selling homes in Miami, FL with blockchain has never been easier. NFT real estate ensures verified ownership, improves property share management, and optimizes liquidity.

NFT Housing integrates physical property assets with Web3 to help buyers and sellers get a jump start in the future of real estate.

Low Commission

Flexible Rental Dates

Space & Privacy

More than 600 Houses

Why NFT Housing?

Security and Ease
Deed transfers and land titles can easily turn an exciting investment into a stressful experience. Thats why we manage the entire documentation and transfer process, ensuring that your token number is genuine and reflects your propertys unique folio number.
Trusted Legal Team
Our smart contract experts have your back! We have a team of legal professionals who specialize in NFT real estate transactions to ensure authentication and transactional legitimacy.
Licensing and Contracts
NFT Housing has a team of documentation specialists to provide buyers and sellers with verified legal agreements of their sale. We ensure all contracts are fair, transparent, and verify your asset’s immutability.
Fluctuation-Free Investments
Worried about your blockchain investment depreciating due to market fluctuations? NFT Housing allows you to buy or sell properties with Theter (USDT) or NFTlity to secure your property value.
Buying and selling properties is the future of real estate for a reason. With NFT Housing, both parties are protected by the immutability and security of blockchain, while enjoying all the benefits of Web3 transactions.

Discover a Life of Leisure and Luxury

Whether you’ve always wanted a bohemian villa by the beach or a modern downtown apartment, NFT Housing can make your real estate dreams a reality. Explore our roster of available Miami properties to find your match. Our dedicated team of property experts can provide you with any assistance you need.

Your future home, made possible with Web3.